Riding and Lessons

Assessment Lesson:


If you are a new client at Coltspring your first lesson will be an Assessment lesson. Horse and Rider are lead to the school and the lesson begins on a lunge line, until the rider is comfortable and confident to proceed further. This assessment also establishes whether a client can go into a group, or if more private tuition is required. Coltspring prefers all riders to be capable of Rising Trot and Canter before riding in a group situation. 


Beginners Lessons:


At Coltspring we cater for all levels and abilities.

If you have never ridden before or want to progress your skills further, then we can offer a range of lessons to suit you.



Intermediate Lessons:


If you have some riding experience, but want a more serious understanding, then join our intermediate lessons.


These lessons will help you build on the basic foundation you already have, as well as teach you some of the more advanced techniques such as a controlled canter, and sitting trot without stirrups. 


Advanced Flatwork and Jumping Lessons: 


For the Advanced Lessons, you will need to be comfortable in Walk, Trot and Canter on a range of horse with and without stirrups. Our instructors will work with you on a variety of techniques, exercises and movements to improve your riding.  You will gain an understanding of how to train and develop horses fitness, muscle tone and balance. You will also learn how to ride with different techniques on a range of horses from young novice rides to more advanced horses. 


We offer all these lessons as Private, Semi - Private and Group so please specify when you book. 


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